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NEVR DULL metal polishing wool 142g

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NEVR-DULL is a truly amazing product which will polish and clean any... more
Product Information

NEVR-DULL is a truly amazing product which will polish and clean any non-coated metal in no time. The container is filled with plenty of a specially treated cotton polishing wad. Simply take a bit from the wadding out of the container and rub with light pressure over the metal surface.

NEVR-DULL works works immediately and removes rust, dirt and stains. Let dry for a short while until a light white film has developed. Then simply rub off the film with a soft, clean and dry cloth and the metal shines like new! Tightly seal the container after use to prevent drying out of the wadding to avoid loss of effect.


  • Unique specially treated cotton wadding
  • No hassle with spilling, dusty powder or other inconveniences
  • Can be used on all uncoated metals
  • Leaves no residue
  • Does not scratch the surface
  • quick, efficient and easy to use



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