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Alphacool Eiskoffer Professional - bending & measuring kit

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The Eiskoffer Bending Tool is perhaps the most comprehensive tool kit ever created for those... more
Product Information

The Eiskoffer Bending Tool is perhaps the most comprehensive tool kit ever created for those looking to outfit their PC with HardTubes. All the tools, angled pieces, and other products required for bending HardTubes can be found in this case.


  1. The complete equipment set for the ambitious HardTube user
  2. All bending radii can be mounted on the mounting plate
  3. Unique 3D HardTube bends are possible
  4. No other tools required, ever again
  5. Sturdy, elegant case for neat tool organisation

The Alphacool Eiskoffer is perhaps the most comprehensive collection of tools for bending 13mm or 16mm diameter HardTubes into nearly any form ever assembled. Inside the large, elegant, and sturdy case, each tool has its own separate place. All the tools are clearly arranged and neatly organised.

The rubberised gloves ensure you always have a good grip on things, while also protecting you from splinters and dirt. The deburring tool is perfect for smoothing down HardTubes. Deburring is mandatory if you want the HardTubes to fit into their connectors properly. A long, sturdy saw and a mitre box serve to simplify cutting the HardTubes. The mitre box can be fastened to a table edge with special screw clamps, which are included. The inside of the mitre box is rubberised to prevent scratches and to keep the HardTubes from sliding around. The comprehensive set of measuring tools makes it easy to measure not just length, but also two or more angles at the same time. This tremendously simplifies the planning and execution of complicated bending sequences. In order to get the perfect bend each time, a substantial palette of bending radii and angles can be attached to the bending plate. The basis for this is formed by two different sizes of bending mandrels and arc mandrels. This allows you to bend HardTubes to any classic bending radius. The fitting stoppers can be used to simulate the depth of an Alphacool fitting on the end of the tube. This means an exact measurement and a perfect bend are always guaranteed when using Alphacool products. Alternatively, the straight mandrel with a stylus stopper can be used if you are using other products.

The bending plate has a section that can accommodate self-designed or highly specialised bends. The case contains special flex mandrels that can be positioned in nearly any way. You need a 30° angle followed by a 2cm long straight section and then another 20° angle? No problem; these flex mandrels make just about anything possible. That’s not even getting into the real highlight: instead of just bending on a 2D plane, Alphacool has included flexible 45° and 90° mandrels in the case. These make it possible to take a bend from horizontal to vertical. The flexible angles also make it possible to bend tilted angles. That means angles don’t just have to be bent straight up, but can be rotated around 180° horizontally. The corresponding angle ruler helps to set up the angles you need. To finish off, silicon inserts for HardTubes with 13mm and 16mm diameters are included.

A complete manual showing all the functions and bending possibilities of the Eiskoffer is available for download on the Alphacool website.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 720 x 110 x 420mm
  • Material mandrels: Nylon
  • Material measuring tools: Aluminium
  • Compatible tube sizes: 13 and 16mm inner diameter

Scope of Delivery

  • 1x Alphacool Eiskoffer Professional - bending & measuring kit



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Questions & Answers
Question from Guest #145364 from 07. July 2018
any plans on adding bend support for 12mm tubing? also for 1/2 inch tubing. thanks
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 07. July 2018
Not realy, we offer produkts with 13 or 16mm but i think there will not come a set with 12mm
Antwort von Guest #145364 vom 07. July 2018
Bummer I was excited and was going to purchase this, but I guess i'll have to look elsewhere. thanks for the quick response.
Question from Guest #323927 from 11. November 2018
Will this come back in stock or has it been discontinued? If it will come back, is there an ETA?
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 11. November 2018
Yes it will. Every ETA will upload soon as possible by our webside, so you can leave your email or phoneno to become an notification when it will available again.
Antwort von Guest #323927 vom 11. November 2018
Thank you!
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30 May 2018

The Alphacool Eiskoffer is the best bending kit ever.
Everything is included, and what I liked most about it is the professional packing.
Every tool has de dedicated place to go back to. Great.

17 Jan 2018

In the past I used to recommend the Monsoon bending kits, but now this has changed.
The Alphacool Eiskoffer ist my no 1 choice.

+ compatible for 16mm and 13mm outside diameter
+ lots of bending tool included for nearly every bending that someone would need
+ saw, pipe-reamer and lots of other useful tools already included
+ premium packing
+ good pricing

- heat gun is missing

16 Jan 2018

I like the Alphacool Eiskoffer very much!
It is my number one choice for a bending kit, the box is solid, inside everything is professionally sorted, and the massive number of tool is crazy!
Only what I missed was the heat gun and as I only have one size of tubing I wonder why already there is everything included for 13 and 16mm.
So one star is missing

3 Jan 2018

The bending tool of my first choice!
Easy to use
Already everything included - except the heat gun
So many tools, even more than I would need

7 Dec 2017

the best bending kit ever

6 Dec 2017

First opinion:
the box is stable and good to survive an UPS journey
it has no scrateches an looks high value

I was really impressed when i opened the box. there are so many tools inside, it took some time for me to figure out what purpose every tool has, for some I am still struggeling....
The quality is very good, never have seen so good bending tools

It costs some time more than a simple bending tool, but for precise results, you will definately need the Eiskoffer.
I like that the plastic is heat resistant, so I can heat the tube, the plate and the tools, that makes the work easy

Try it yourselve - 5 stars for this product

24 Nov 2017

I am impressed! Here is everything I need in one box, except the heat gun :-(
Even the gloves fit to my hands, and once I found out how easy it is to bend a tube and how the base plate is supposed to work I can only recommend it.

16 Nov 2017

Beautiful set. I'm extremely impressed with this kit. Everything seems very high quality and well thought out. This definitely seems to be the most complete kit available to date. The only thing I found is that the gloves are rather small, which works for me as I have small hands. Regardless, I can't recommend this kit more highly than I am now, this thing is an amazing kit.

14 Nov 2017

I like the way how this is supposed to work. Amazing that I can bend the hardtube while mounted on the plate. Even the plastic carbs do not melt, do not even get soft - what an amazing material is that?
Also all the parts in the box, it took me about 20 minutes to figure out all what is included
Only the heat gut is not - but no problem I already had one

13 Nov 2017

This is incredible - whoever has thought this our is agenious.

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