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Alphacool Eisbecher Lite 250mm Plexi reservoir

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Technical details
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Material: Plexi
Color: Transparent
Pump compatibility: For flow pumps
Preinstalled pump: No
Connector: G1/4" inner thread
Fillport: G1/4" inner thread
Model of reservoir: Tubing - reservoirs 60mm
LED hole: Available (for 5mm LEDs)

Reinvent the tube   The Eisbecher Series consist of 20 different reservoirs that differ... more
Product Information

Reinvent the tube 

The Eisbecher Series consist of 20 different reservoirs that differ between usage, measurement and appearance. There are ten reservoirs within this series that consist of 99% plexi - totally unique! But the main difference between these reservoirs is within the functionality of the different sockets.


Bubble Down
It is placed at the bottom of the reservoir to prevent turbulences that could lead air into the watercircle. 

Lighttower Standpipe
The "Lighttower" effect creates an astounding visual experience within every watercooling system. The Eisbecher supports this in two different ways: fluid coming from the bottom and coming from the top. The water is being led through the standpipe to the bottom or to the top where it splashes out of eight evenly distributed holes at the end of the pipe to the inner wall of the reservoir. This special watergame is the so called "Lighttower" effect. 

The known feet from the "Eisdecken" find its very way even to the Eisbecher and sustain every combination with a solid stand.

There are two mountings placed above and under the pipe for fastening the lot in the casing. The holes in this mounting have a spacing of a 120/140 cooling fan.You can reduce the width of the mountings up to the width of the reservoir and there are three M4 threads availaible per mounting for fastening if you would rather not mount the reservoir at the fan space. These mountings are easily removeable especially when not being used. You will find these mountings on all 20 reservoirs.

Lighting module
The lighting modules consist of plexi and enable the lighting with a 5mm LED. These modules can be installed into all 1/4" holes. They are being used in the lid and occasionally in the socket of the reservoir. This facilitates a unique way to your personalised lighting effects.

All models of the reservoir are availaible in acetal and plexi. So there is something for everone.


All reservoirs are availaible in two different sizes: the 150mm version and the 10cm bigger 250mm version. The smaller reservoir comes with only one standpipe coming from the bottom because of its size and the bigger reservoir comes with two: one coming from the top and the other one from the bottom.


The Eisbecher Lite

This reservoir is being operated with a seperate pump as well but it slightly differentiates itself from its other four siblings. Instead of the Bubble Down and the standpipe Alphacool has installed a bar in the middle that intercepts all turbulences of the water. Further, this bar with the Alphacool Logo in the Plexi version can be lighted with three LEDs - a true eyecatcher for every system. But you do not have to go without the Lighttower effect here as there is a small standpipe mounted in the top.The openings to fill or drain the liquid are doubled here: One at the side and one at the bottom.

Included in delivery

  • 8x M4x8mm screw
  • 4x M4 nut
  • 2x G1/4" locking screw
  • 1x allen key 2,5mm


Measurements 250mm Version:
Measurements with mounting (LxWxD): 251 x 136 x 80mm
Measurements without mounting(LxW): 251 x 60mm

Diameter of the Plexitube: 60mm

Capacity: 360ml

Download 3D-file (.stp)



Attention: The manufacturer Mayhems advises that Mayhems fluids, especially the Aurora line of products, have been manufactured and distributed solely for show and modding purposes. These should not be utilized in the system for more than 14 days.

We would also like to advise that Mayhems fluids can damage watercooling products, and using Mayhems fluids can thereby void the warranties offered by the following manufacturers: Koolance, Phobya, Alphacool, Aqua Computer, Watercool.

Damages such as: clogging, corrosion of aluminium radiators, deterioration of glued containers, etc., are a consequence of the use of Mayhems, but will not be reimbursed by Mayhems. Use is therefore at one’s own risk.


In order to use the intake from the top, a G1/4” extension piece is necessary (article 1011183-1011186), since the screw thread is embedded a few mm into the lid and many compression fittings will not be able to be screwed in. 

Questions & Answers more
Questions & Answers
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Question from Axel J. from 02. February 2016
Ich wollte mal wissen, ob die LED`s dabei sind, oder ob man sie extra bestellen muss?
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 02. February 2016
Die werden extra bestellt :)
Antwort von Daniel N. vom 03. March 2016
Kann man den auch als standalone agb hernehmen?
Question from Daniel N. from 03. March 2016
Kann man den auch als standalone agb hernehmen?
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 03. March 2016
Ja, dieser AGB ist gerade für diese Zwecke gedacht. Eine Pumpe kann hier gar nicht angeschlossen werden.
Question from Johannes M. from 05. May 2016
Wie kann man eine Bewertung zu diesem Artikel abgeben?
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 05. May 2016
Beim Bestellprozess gibt es ein Häkchen, welches gesetzt werden muss, um Mails zur Bewertung zu erhalten. Ohne diesem wird es nicht gehen.
Question from Torsten K. from 06. June 2016
Hallo gibt es das untere Teil auch einzelt zu kaufen da mein Eisbecher Risse hat bzw gekriegt hat am unteren Bereich und so nun leicht ausläuft
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 06. June 2016
Derzeit nicht, kann auch nicht sagen, ob die separat angeboten werden.
Question from Philip H. from 07. July 2016
Guten Abend, der Artikel: 1011191 müsste doch an den beiden unteren Stellen passen?
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 07. July 2016
Passt ohne weiteres :)
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