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Watercool MO-RA3 420 PRO white

Watercool MO-RA3 420 PRO white
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Technical details
Color: white
Cooling channels: Copper
Fan mounting thread: M3
Material lamellae: Aluminium
Manufacturer: Watercool
Fan size: 140mm
Number of fans: 18, 4, 9, 8
Thickness: L - 60mm
Case: Steel & stainless steel
Dimensions (L x B x H): 475,5 x 430 x 65mm
Connector: 6x G1/4
Pressure tested: 5 Bar
The MO-RA3 is a heat exchanger featuring excellent cooling performance and various possibilities... more
Product Information

The MO-RA3 is a heat exchanger featuring excellent cooling performance and various possibilities of application. Its reliability allows for usage in workstation and server environments and it is sturdy enough for industrial applications. And, of course, it is powerful enough to cool even the hottest gaming PC. True to the slogan “there is no replacement for surface but more surface”, the MO-RA3 uses 36 m copper tubing and 3.0 square meter of aluminium fins for excellent heat transfer from cooling fluid to ambient air.

The cooling fluid passes the 80 tubes in a four-time parallel layout. This design and the flow-optimised connection block ensure a low flow-resistance, despite the large size of the heat-exchanger. The connection block improves flexibility as well by providing G1/4“ threads in three directions. The fins of the MO-RA3 have been optimised specifically for low-rpm fans. Their enormous surface and effective geometry guarantee excellent cooling performance.

Possible fan configurations

MO-RA3 420 LT

Nine 140 x 140 x 25 mm fans

MO-RA3 420 PRO

Eighteen 140 x 140 x 25 mm fans 

Screw kits for fans of greater height are available.

The MO-RA3 LT allows mounting of fans on only one side, but the user may choose this side freely.

The MO-RA3 PRO allows mounting of fans on both sides, thus using twice as much fans, as the MO-RA3 LT. The double-sided mounting enables an effective push-pull operation.

Additional threads are integrated for accessories. Select from various grills, feet, and external mounting brackets.
The MO-RA3 is shipped ready to use, except for fans and fittings. This includes G1/4“ sealing plugs for unused threads, screws for fans, and spacers for mounting it onto a case.
The MO-RA3 is produced in Europe. Development and final assembly happen in Germany, like the manufacturing of most of its components.

Material core: Copper (tubes), aluminium (fins),
Material casing: Powder-coated steel (white), polished stainless steel
Dimensions (L x W x H): 475.5 x 430 x 65 mm
Weight: approx. 7700 g
Pressure tested: 5 bar
Threads: 6x G ¼” (DIN ISO 228-1)

1x MO-RA3 420 PRO white
4x Screw Plug G ¼”
4x Spacers M4x20 mm
1x Fan bracket and fan mounts for 140 mm fans
1x Screw kit for 25 mm heigh fans
1x Manual

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Questions & Answers
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Question from Benedikt S. from 02. February 2018
Guten Tag, ich habe vor mir einen Mora-420 zu kaufen, und will 4x20cm Lüfter drauf schrauben. Allerdings habe ich momentan zwei Dc-LT 2600, welche mir auch heruntergeregelt zu laut sind. Welche Pumpe könnt ihr mir empfehlen die möglichst leise (gerne unhörbar) ist, und auch ausreichend Wasserdurchfluss durch mein System (2x240mm Radiator intern, Cpu Kühler Alphacool Lite, Gpu Kühler Alhphacool Nexxxos) schafft. Vielen Dank schonmal!
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 02. February 2018
Desto umfangreicher der Kreislauf, desto stärker muss die Pumpe sein. Und dann wird ab einem bestimmten Punkt jede Pumpe hörbar bis laut. Die aktuell stärksten Pumpen sind alle D5 und DDC Varianten. Eine klare Aussage kann man hier nicht treffen, da Lautstärke sehr subjektiv empfunden wird. So streiten sich viele Nutzer darüber ob eine D5 oder DDC leiser ist. Die D5 haben einen etwas höheren Summton, die DDC hingegen klingen etwas brummiger. Die Gemessene Laustärke in dBA liegt dabei auf gleichem Niveau.
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