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Alphacool Eisblock Aurora Acryl GPX-N RTX 3070 Founders Edition with Backplate

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Delivery: 2021-02-12 - 2021-02-14

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The Alphacool Aurora Acryl GPX-N RTX 3070 Eisblock combines style with performance and extensive... more
Product Information

The Alphacool Aurora Acryl GPX-N RTX 3070 Eisblock combines style with performance and extensive digital RGB lighting. With experience of over 16 years, Alphacool the ability to create GPU blocks that represent high quality and fantastic performance. This perfectly describes the Aurora Acryl GPX Eisblock

More Performance!
During the development of the EIsblock Aurora GPX-N RTX 3070 graphic card GPU block, we wanted to further increase the performance. The first step was to move the cooler closer to the individual components by reducing the thermal pads to a thickness of 1 mm. Next, we reduced the thickness of the nickel-plated copper block. Instead of 7 mm, it is now only 5.5 mm thick. The water flow inside the cooler has also been optimized. All important components such as the voltage transformers and the memory are now significantly better and more effectively cooled by the water. All this ensures a significant increase in cooling performance.

New Design!
The Eisblock Aurora GPX-N RTX 3070 cooler has been designed so that lighting is more important than the previous models. The addressable digital RGB LEDs are embedded directly into the cooling block and run along the entire cooling block. The effect is an illumination of the entire cooling block. No corner or edge remains unlit by the aRGB LEDs. The new design is more angular with all edges bevelled. This promotes better light diffusion in the water cooler due to the reflections on these bevels. In addition, they create various contours, which give the Aurora GPX-N RTX 3070 Eisblock cooler its very own unique identity.

Copper or Aluminium?
Of course, Alphacool only uses copper for its water coolers. With the Aurora GPX-N RTX 3070 Eisblock, the copper is nickel-plated. Compared to its predecessor models, Alphacool has improved the nickel plating even further, which has considerably increased the acid resistance. This means that the nickel should resist flaking. Why does Alphacool rely on copper instead of aluminium? Simply, copper has almost twice the thermal conductivity of aluminium and is therefore clearly the better material for water cooling.

Is There Anything Else New?
The Eisblock Aurora GPX-N RTX 3070 also relies on the new patented stop fittings, which sit flush with the surface of the terminal. The Alphacool logo now sits in the corner on the top and is also fully illuminated. On the front of the terminal you can see the corresponding names of the compatible graphic card types. Of course, these are also fully illuminated by the digital LEDs. IN and OUT are now marked by small triangles. They are easily recognizable and fit perfectly into the entire aesthetics of the graphic card water cooler.

The Alphacool Aurora GPX-N RTX 3070 Acryl is a complete redevelopment of the previous Alphacool graphics card water coolers. No technical compromises were made, but the entire technical know-how flowed into the development and implementation.

Technical data:
L x W x H:122,5 x 169,5 x 24,5 mm
Material cooler: Nickle-plated copper
Material cooler top: Acryl
Threads: 4 x G1/4“
Thickness cooling fins: 0,6 mm
Illumination: Digital RGB LEDs
Power connector Digital RGB LEDs: 3-Pin JST
Power Digital RGB LEDs: 5V

Graphics Card Configurator: Click here!
List of Compatibility: Nvidia graphic cards

- NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3070 Founders Edition

Download data sheet PDF: Alphacool Eisblock Aurora Acryl GPX-N RTX 3070 Founders Edition with Backplate
Download manual PDF: Alphacool Eisblock Aurora Acryl GPX-N RTX 3070 Founders Edition with Backplate

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Technical details
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Cooling plate material: Copper
Cooler model: Complete cooler
Hint: Compatible till 16/13mm straight, Compatible till 9/13mm angled
Hardware manufacturer: NVIDIA
Connector: 4x G1/4
Top cover material: Acryl
SLI compatibel: Ja
Hardware model: RTX 3070
Dimensions: 169,5 x 122,5 x 24,5 mm
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