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Innovatek PCPS V2 12 volt pump with integrated AGB & threaded holes

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The PCPS 12V pump type 1104 developed by innovatek and EHEIM is a powerful and at the same time... more
Product Information

The PCPS 12V pump type 1104 developed by innovatek and EHEIM is a powerful and at the same time very quiet running synchronous rotor centrifugal pump. Despite its compact dimensions, the 12V pump has a delivery head of up to 1.60 metres, with a power consumption of between 3.7 and 4.0 watts depending on the operating mode. After switching on, the PCPS starts with a low pressure and then gently increases this to the operating pressure within about 3 seconds. In this way, the service life is increased and the mechanics of the 12V pump are effectively protected, with the included microprocessor controlling and monitoring the pump.

In addition to the pump itself, the compact housing also contains an expansion tank, which makes filling and servicing the cooling system very easy. Additional sensors (e.g. a float switch) can optionally be installed in the lid of the expansion tank - please contact us directly.

The user can access the pump's control unit from under the easily removable electronics cover of the motor body (which can be removed without the use of tools or force by bending it slightly). Four programmes are available as standard, whereby the desired programme is set by means of a small 2-fold DIP switch and is read out when the 12V pump is started. To change the control, the two switches are set according to the following scheme:

  • J1 off J2 off default 65 Hz = Mode: Normal
  • J1 on J2 off silent 1 57 Hz = Mode: Silent 1
  • J1 off J2 on silent 2 50 Hz = Mode: Silent 2
  • J1 on J2 on power 78 Hz = Mode: Power

The PCPS 12V pump can be operated directly from a 12 V DC power supply unit, although we can also offer other operating voltages (e.g. 24 V DC) on request. For mounting, the pump has four M4 threaded holes on the back.  The electrical connection is made via a modern 2-pin push-in cable terminal.


  • Very compact and space-saving
  • Integrated expansion tank
  • Very smooth running, therefore very quiet in operation
  • High pump capacity with adjustable modes (via DIP switch)
  • Automatic and individual adjustment of the operating point to the cooling system
  • Rotors can be changed without draining the cooling water
  • Extremely low power consumption and minimal starting current
  • Quick start function
  • Oscillation detection with automatic restart
  • Absolutely suitable for continuous operation
  • Extremely reliable and safe to use

Technical details:

  • Type: synchronous rotor centrifugal pump
  • Tank volume: 62 ml
  • Dimensions: 130 x 75 x 50 mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: approx. 265 g
  • Thread: 2x 1/4 inch
  • Delivery head: 1.60 m
  • Ambient temperature: 10 °C to 60 °C
  • Supply voltage: 12 V DC (optionally 24 V)
  • Power consumption: 3.7 to 4 W
  • Electrical interface: 2-pin push-in cable terminal

Scope of delivery:

  • Circulating pump with integrated reservoir (without connections!)
  • Reservoir cover with mounted sealing ring
  • Mounting plate
  • Operating instructions / manual (German, English, French and Spanish)
Technical details and videos ... moor
Technical details
Color: black
Material: Plastic
Approved fluids: Water, Water/ glycol mixture
Water inlet: G1/4" inner thread
Water outlet: G1/4" inner thread
Voltage: 12V DC
Max. Discharge head: Standard (smaller than 2m), 1,6m
Manufacturer: innovatek
Power input: 4W
Max. System temperature: 35°C
Power connector: 2Pin
Dimensions: 64,6 x 57,8 x 132mm
Max. Flow: Standard (kleiner 500 l/h), 300 l/h
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