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Arctic thermal compound MX-2 tubing 30g

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  • OR-MX2-AC-03
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Content: 30 g ($559.37 * / 1000 g)

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The MX-2 thermal compound is a highly thermally conductive compound which... more
Product Information

The MX-2 thermal compound is a highly thermally conductive compound which is perfect for the cooling of heat-sensitive components. As the MX-2 does not contain any metallic ingredients - unlike copper- or silver-based thermal compounds - it will not cause any problems with electrical conductivity of the compound. Even the direct contact to the hardware, such as the contact with CPU Pins, is not harmful, making it extremely safe to use. A drying or hardening of the compound is not possible. Unlike metal-based thermal compounds the cooling performance of this thermal compound does not decrease over time: This thermal compound remains at its full thermal conductivity for at least 8 years.

technical specifications:
Amount: 30g
Color: grey
thermal conductivity: 8.2 W/mK
Density: 3.96 g/ cm3

Extent of delivery:
1x Arctic thermal compound MX-2 syringe 30g

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Technical details
Manufacturer: Arctic
Color: grey
Viscosity: 2850 cps TF
Content: 30 Gramm
Thermal conductivity: 8,2 W/mK
Density: 3,96 g/cm³
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