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Aquacomputer QUADRO Fan Controller for PWM-Fans

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With the QUADRO, Aqua Computer presents a four-channel PWM fan controller with an outstanding... more
Product Information

With the QUADRO, Aqua Computer presents a four-channel PWM fan controller with an outstanding range of functions that is equally suitable for water-cooled and air-cooled computers. An RGBpx effect controller for 64 addressable LEDs is also integrated.

The most important functions at a glance

  •     Programmable four-channel fan controller
  •     Four fan outputs with up to 25 watts power per channel and speed monitoring
  •     All fan outputs with 4-pin plug and PWM-signal adjustable
  •     All fan outputs can be switched off completely
  •     Control parameters can be set in a variety of ways
  •     Four temperature sensor inputs
  •     Eight further measured values can be transferred from the PC to the QUADRO via aquasuite software.
  •     Flow sensor input
  •     RGBpx LED output for LED stripes and fans with individually addressable LEDs
  •     USB 2.0 interface
  •     aquasuite software for convenient adjustment, evaluation and visualisation of all sensor data
  •     aquabus interface: When connected to an aquaero, the fan outputs can be controlled via the aquaero.

fan controller
The four fan connections of the QUADRO can be configured individually and, thanks to the high output power of 25 watts per channel, also offer the option of connecting several fans to one output of the QUADRO via suitable splitters. In addition to manual adjustment of the fans, temperature-controlled operation is also possible. Both setpoint controllers and individually adjustable control curves are available for this purpose. Optionally, the connected fan can be switched off completely if the temperature falls below the set temperatures, or it can continue to be operated with an adjustable minimum line. An intelligent start boost function with monitoring of the speed signal can be activated for each channel to start the fans safely.
All fan outputs are exclusively suitable for PWM fans with four-pole connectors and are protected against overload.

RGBpx control unit for addressable LEDs
The QUADRO has an RGBpx output for individual control of up to 64 addressable LEDs. Each LED can be individually set in colour and brightness. A total of four LED groups of variable size can be configured, to which visual effects can then be assigned. The 23 available effects offer extensive setting options for further individualisation. Many effects also offer the option of modifying effect parameters (e.g. speed) depending on current sensor values. The available effects also include sound-to-light effects that react to the sound currently output by the computer. An outstanding feature is the AMBIENTpx effect, which allows the edge areas of the current screen content to be reproduced on the connected LEDs, thus creating a very effective backlight around the computer screen.
As an alternative to the LED strips offered by Aqua Computer, Corsair and NZXT LED fans can also be used for lighting effects using the RGBpx Splitty4 product (item 53267, not included).
Can be used as aquabus expansion device
In addition to use as an autonomous USB fan controller, the QUADRO can also be used as an aquabus extension for an aquaero 5 or aquaero 6. In this case, the four fan outputs of the QUADRO are available to the aquaero for the control functions. A maximum of two QUADRO expansion devices can be connected to an aquaero.

Technical details

  • Dimensions without inserted cable: approx. 54 x 49 x 17 mm
  • Supply voltage: 5V, 12V
  • Fan output power: maximum 25 watts per channel
  • PWM control signal: 0 - 100 %, resolution 0.1 %


Scope of delivery

  •     QUADRO Controller
  •     one temperature sensor, length approx. 70 cmy internal USB connection cable, length approx. 100 cm
  •     Mounting material


system requirements

  •     Windows 8.1 or later
  •     Internal USB 2.0 port

Notes on the AMBIENTpx effect
Screen contents that prohibit an analysis by means of DRM or other measures cannot be evaluated.

Awards and documents
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Technical details
Manufacturer: Aquacomputer
Questions & Answers more
Questions & Answers
Question from Cadence Jean from 11. November 2018
What flow sensor is compatible with this unit?
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 11. November 2018
basicly the flow sensors from aquacomputer.
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Question from Guest #320794 from 10. October 2018
Wird für die LED Ansteuerung der RGBpx splitty4 benötigt oder dient dieser lediglich als Erweiterung?
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 10. October 2018
Der splitty 4 dient als Erweiterung.
Question from armin f. from 11. November 2018
hallo kann ich damit meinen Alphacool Aurora XPX RGB Frame - Black (artikl1014746) mit dem steuern faben wenn ich das Alphacool RGB 4pol LED Adapterkabel für Mainboards 50cm - Schwarz(artikl1013986) habe.
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 12. December 2018
Nach unserem Verständnis wird das nicht klappen, die QUADRO Lüftersteuerung funktioniert nur mit den RGBpx Anschlüssen und der XPX Frame hat diesen nicht.
Question from Mateusz B. from 12. December 2018
Wie kann ich den Aquacomputer QUADRO mit denn mainboard verbinden oder generell mit die pc verbinden?
Antwort von Arkadius H. vom 12. December 2018
Es liegt ein USB Kabel dabei.
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19 Nov 2018

Thank you for quick delivery and great quality if product.

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