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Monsoon Series Two Dual 5.25" Reservoir - Matte Black

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Technical details
Color: black
Connector: G1/4" inner thread
Fillport: G1/4" inner thread
LED hole: Available (for 5mm LEDs)
Manufacturer: Monsoon
Material: Nylon 
Model of reservoir: 2x 5 1/4" Bayres
Number of connections: 6
Preinstalled pump: No
Pump compatibility: For flow pumps
For a limited time, all Monsoon S2 reservoirs will ship with FREE color matched Silver Bullet...more
Product Information
For a limited time, all Monsoon S2 reservoirs will ship with FREE color matched Silver Bullet antimicrobial plugs already installed—a $12.00 value! Remember to remove the rubber antitarnish cover from the plugs before use. For more information, please refer to the user's manual included with your reservoir or available for download here.

Building on the original Monsoon's success, the new Monsoon Series Two Dual Bay Reservoir features a host of design refinements and improved modularity all aimed at making it easier to use, quieter, and a better overall value.

The new vibration dampening mounting system is the industry's first and only 100% decoupled mounting solution and substantially reduces the amount of sound generating vibration transmitted from your reservoir to your chassis. The 40% glass filled molded nylon main body now features sound dampening cavities that work on the same principles as the baffles in a car muffler or the sound dampening material on the walls of a recording studio—each time you redirect a sound wave it loses energy.

The new LED lighting board has been moved to the bottom of the reservoir to prevent accidentally getting it wet if the user overflows the top fill port catch basins and the board now features RGB color changing LED's that allow the user to scroll through the color presets and select the perfect light color for their build. It also now has a chip that retains your brightness setting and light color selection on power down.

The face plate is still machined 6mm aluminum, but the mounting screws are now hidden on the back for a cleaner more streamlined look—no cheesy 1mm thick faux aluminum face plates stuck on with double back tape here. It also now features a premium powder coated black finish to match all the most popular cases.

The reservoir back is precision machined PVC and because the reservoir is fully modular, the pump backs, face plates, motor mounting hardware, and color matched screws and stop plugs can be mixed and matched to suit your current and future builds. If you ever need to convert your Dual Bay Reservoir to a pumped reservoir, just purchase the D5 or DDC pump back and you're all set. All screws are color coordinated stainless steel and the included stop plugs are color coordinated machined brass. Sleeving is premium triple strand triple weave and the Molex plug is black.


  •     Ships fully assembled!
  •     Premium silicone rubber decoupled case mounting for enhanced vibration isolation and noise reduction.
  •     Molded 40% glass filled nylon main body with sound dampening cavities.
  •     Larger overflow basins and dual top fill ports for easy filling and trouble free air bleeding and maintenance.
  •     Precision machined PVC reservoir back is fully modular making it easy to switch to a D5 or DDC pumped reservoir.
  •     Precision machined 6mm thick powder coated aluminum face plate with invisible rear mounted color coordinated screws for a clean “screws free” front look.
  •     Optional 10mm all acrylic face plate (sold separately) can be swapped at any point thanks to the fully modular design.
  •     Premium stainless steel screws are color coordinated and match all the Monsoon fitting colors.
  •     Premium brass stop plugs are also color coordinated and match all of the Monsoon fitting colors.
  •     LED lighting board features RGB LED's allowing the user to select the color they want and the board now retains its current brightness and color setting on power down.
  •     LED lighting switch buttons are also color coordinated.
  •     LED board features premium triple strand triple weave sleeving with black Molex plug and pro class installation.
  •     All plug and reservoir O rings are premium silicone.
  •     Includes all wrenches, mounting screws, stop plugs, comprehensive instruction manual, and a limited one (1) year warranty, (see instruction manual for full details).

Questions & Answers more
Questions & Answers
Question from Eike B. from 03. March 2016
Ich habe zwei Fragen zu dem Produkt: 1. Laut Beschreibung verfügt der Behälter über sechs Anschlüsse. Ich vermute damit sind die auf der Rückseite gemeint. Lassen sich die beiden Silberpartronen auch auf der Rückseite installieren bzw. haben diese das gleiche Gewinde? 2. Ich benötige die Positionen der beiden unteren Anschlüsse (also an der langen Seite) auf der Rückseite (wenn möglich bezogen auf den Mittelpunkt der Rückseite).
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 04. April 2016
1. es sind 4 Anschlüsse auf der Rückseite und 2 oben. Ja die Silberpatrone passt, denn es hat auch G1/4 Gewinde 2. ca 10,5cm
Antwort von Eike B. vom 04. April 2016
Vielen Dank!
Question from Christian F. from 06. June 2016
Gibt es entsprechende Abmessungen (Technische Zeichnungen) des Behälters? Es geht bei mir etwas knapp her, und ich würde die entsprechenden Maße benötigen.
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 06. June 2016
Dieses sind die entsprechenden Maße: LxBxH = 14,8 x 8,4 x 6,3 (Angaben in cm)

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9 Feb 2015

Mein erster Monsoon-Artikel und bestimmt nicht der Letzte. Top Verarbeitet, guter Lieferumfang, sieht hochwertig aus, fühlt sich so an und funktioniert super. Eine klare Kaufempfehlung.

14 Aug 2014

Passt wunderbar in meinen Rechner.Und man kann die Led schnell ausmachen.

13 Aug 2014

Sieht super aus und ist sehr gut verarbeitet. Würde ich auf jeden Fall wieder kaufen.