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Aquacomputer aquatube G1/4' Delrin white

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Aquacomputer aquajet flush tube for aquatube G1/4
Aquacomputer aquajet flush tube for aquatube G1/4
Universal flush tube for aquatube/Cape Bullseye/Repack G1/4
Universal flush tube for aquatube/Cape Bullseye/Repack G1/4
The aquatube is a reservoir that is uniquely practical. Its large... more
Product Information

The aquatube is a reservoir that is uniquely practical. Its large opening allows easy filling and due to its Plexi cover also perfect flow control. For individual installation of fittings and lighting accessories (not included) the Aquatube features a whopping five G1/4" threads in the base and side. Suitable screw-in plug caps for the unused threads are included. Five M4 threads each on both top and bottom of the Aquatube make installation easy and quick. Optionally installation faceplates made from stainless steel or Aluminum are available. The Aqatube is perfectly sealed and can therefore be installed in any position desired. With this reservoir filling your system is quick and easy and you will also gain another beautifully designed modding piece for your PC:
The Aquatube is machined from a massive piece of Delrin and therefore extremely rugged.

The Delrinh white version has four additional holes in the bottom which can house 5mm LEDs, Due to the translucence of the material spectacular lighting effects can be acheived. For the use of this option we recommend the use of our ready-2-use LEDs as well as the Multi-Color lighting module (Aquaero).

Special features of the G1/4" version:
All connection threads are machined as G1/4", the reservoir has three threads in the bottom and two in the side. Therefore the offered lighting modules as well as tubemeter and aquajet are NOT compatible with this special series.

Technical Data:
Dimensions: d=79mm l=70mm, V=160 cm³.
Material: Reservoir: Delrin, Cover: Plexi, Screws: Stainless steel

Extent of delivery:
Reservoir with Plexi cover and seal
3 Screw-in plug caps
10 Stainless steel screws M4

Please note: The reservoir is shipped without fittings, please order the desired fitting separately. The connection threads are G1/4" in size.

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Questions & Answers
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Question from Christoph H. from 11. November 2017
Nabendallerseits, ich möchte mir eine schicke Halterung für den Ausgleichsbehälter bauen, gibt es vielleicht ein Datenblatt/Zeichnung mit den genauen Maßen der Befestigungs-, LED- und Anschlußbohrungen auf der Rückseite des Teils? Ich möchte ungern auf selbst gemessenen (a la "wer misst misst Mist ") Daten konstruieren ..
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 11. November 2017
Tut uns leid, uns liegen keine Daten Seitens Aquacomputer dafür vor.
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