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Laing DDC-Pumpe 12V DDC-1T PWM - Special Edition

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Technical details
Approved fluids: Water, Water/ glycol mixture
Color: black
Voltage: 12V DC
Water inlet: G1/4" inner thread
Water outlet: G1/4" inner thread
This product is the latest version. This pump is the first pump in the world that is being...more
Product Information

This product is the latest version.

This pump is the first pump in the world that is being installed in mass-produced water-cooled workstations, and is ideal for cooling processors and electronic components. Its design size and performance make it perfect for many different applications.


This DDC pump is an electronically commutated ball bearing motor pump, with a runtime of over 50,000 hours at 12V. The only moving piece on a ball bearing motor pump is a spherical rotor/impeller unit, which is supported by an ultra-hard, wear-resistant ceramic bearing ball. There is no conventional shaft with shaft bearings and sealing. The spherical bearing of the rotor/impeller on the ceramic bearing ball offers many advantages: due to the design, no bearing slackness will develop, and therefore also no increase in noise level. This means that over its entire lifespan, the pump will stay low-noise. The bearing is self-adjusting, and is lubricated by the coolant being pumped (wet-running pump). This removes a maintenance step. Since the rotor is always magnetically held in its designated place, smaller dirt particles are not a problem.


The pump becoming blocked is normally not possible. Even after long periods of inactivity, the pump will start up reliably. The permanent-magnetic rotor/impeller unit is powered by a magnetic field, which is generated by the surrounding stator. This stator is built completely around the rotor. This means the entire pump, at 38mm, is only a little taller than the stator itself. It fits easily into any commercially-available PC, Barebone, or Mini-PC case. A separate magnetic shield is normally not necessary. The ball bearing motor principle enables economical operation with comparably high performance. The pump can be regulated simply and over a wide range of power variations to the DC operating voltage. All parts coming in contact with the coolant are completely corrosion-resistant.


Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: (WxDxH) 62x62x38mm (without fittings)

  • Motor type: electronically commutated ball bearing motor

  • Nominal voltage: 12V DC

  • Allowed voltage range: 6 to 13.2V

  • Pressure head at 12V: 3.7m

  • Maximum head: 420L/h

  • Pump medium: water, water/glycol mixture*

  • Maximum system temperature: 60°C

  • Materials in contact with coolant: stainless steel 1.4571, PPS-GF40, EPDM O-rings, aluminium oxide, hard carbon

  • Fittings: 2x 10/8mm hose connections (no grommets necessary)


Scope of Delivery

  • Laing DDC Pump 12V DDC-1T PWM - Special Edition


Please note:

The PWM function can only be used if your motherboard conforms to Intel PWM specifications.



This pump is the newest version.



We recommend using lubricating water additives (such as AT Protect Plus or Innovatek Protect). Anti-corrosion fluid is not recommended.



Due to the performance of the pump, it should only be used in a cooling loop with min. 1 cooler. Operation under no load can cause the pump to burn out.



The Laing pump electronics are not water-resistant. Please ensure that the electronic components do not come into contact with water during installation or modification. When changing the Laing cap, be sure the O-rings are placed correctly and make sure that no water overflows when refilling the Laing reservoir. Water damage to the electronics will not be replaced by Laing.


Why is there a Swiftech and a Laing version? Is there a difference?

The answer is a definite “no.” So why are there two versions? Here’s the explanation: Laing produces all its pumps in Hungary, for both the overseas market and the German/European market. The pumps themselves are exactly the same. Some are labelled Swiftech, which is the distributor in the US market. The other version is a neutral black. The cheaper Swiftech pumps include decoupling materials, while the Laing versions do not. Otherwise, pump performance, flow rate, etc., are completely identical.


This product has been tested for you:

  • Aquainfos

  • Overclockingstation

  • User review in Liquidluxx, incl. video

  • Hardwaremax


Instruction manual (DE, EN)


Please note:

Pump can be controlled with Heatmaster!

Note: in order to control the pump with Heatmaster, an Alphacool pump adaptor cable (product # 52171) is needed.

Questions & Answers more
Questions & Answers
Question from Stefan from 11. November 2016
Woher weiß ich, dass diese Pumpe mit meinem Mainboard funktioniert? Bei vielen PWM Pumpen steht, dass sie teilweise mit neueren Mainboards nicht funktionieren. Ich möchte mir aber keine PWM Pumpe kaufen, dass sie dann doch nicht geregelt werden kann. Mein Mainboard wäre folgendes: MSI Z170A GAMING PRO Carbon
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 11. November 2016
Leider haben wir dazu keine Informationen vorliegen. Bitte fragen Sie dazu direkt beim Hersteller an, ob bei diesem Mainboard "richtige" PWM Anschlüsse vorhanden sind.
Antwort von Tarik B. vom 02. February 2017
Bei meinem Asus z170i hat es nicht funktioniert, gehe stark davon aus das es bei MSI auch nicht funktioniert.
Question from jonalbrecht from 12. December 2016
Sind bei dieser Pumpe die Laschen für die Schrauben auch vorhanden oder nicht? Im Datenblatt steht, dass alle Laing DDC Pumpen mit Befestigungslaschen ausgestattet sind - diese sind auf den Bildern aber nicht ersichtlich und auch nicht in der Beschreibung erwähnt.
Antwort von Martin S. vom 01. January 2017
Ich stand vor dem gleichen Problem. Nun habe ich sie vor mir liegen und siehe da, die Befestigungslaschen sind NICHT dran. Aber für mich zwingend notwendig (Alphacool Repack Laing DDC)
Question from Guest #265969 from 01. January 2017
Lässt sich die Pumpe über den PWM-Port der Aquaero 5 LT regeln?
Antwort von Guest #75751 vom 02. February 2017
Zumindest mein Exemplar der Pumpe nicht. Zudem wird das Tachosognal nicht / nicht korrekt angezeigt. Aquaero 5 LT hat die aktuelle Firmware und neuste 2017er-Version der aquasuite ist installiert.

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