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Eheim compactON Pump 1000 230 Volt

  • 49009
  • 1002-220
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safety plug UK - black
safety plug UK - black
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Technical details
Color: black
Material: Plastic
Approved fluids: Water, Water/ glycol mixture
Water inlet: Not available
Max. Discharge head: Standard (smaller than 2m), 1,4m
Max. System temperature: 35° C
Voltage: 220V AC
Manufacturer: Eheim
Power connector: Power plug
Max. Flow: Highflow (from 500 up to 1400l/h), 1000l/h
Others: Submersible pump
Power input: 15W
Dimensions: 73 x 47 x 79 mm
Water outlet: 16mm
The compact aquarium pumps for use under water The EHEIM compactON aquarium pump is... more
Product Information

The compact aquarium pumps for use under water

The EHEIM compactON aquarium pump is characterized by its name through a compact design and is thanks to the included accessory bag appropriate for versatile use – the EHEIM compactON 2100-5000 can also be modified for the use outside of the water. Thanks to the high quality material it is also possible to use them without problems in marine water.

For even more flexibility, the flow rate is adjustable for all models, except for the EHEIM compactON 5000.

Advantages of the EHEIM compactON

  • Successor of the compact and compact+ series
  • Fastening by means of robust suction cups
  • Including accessories such as suction basket and threaded coupling
  • Silent due to ceramic bearing (EHEIM compactON 2100 and EHEIM compactON 3000)
  • High pump performance at low power consumption
  • compactON 5000 as electronic version for more efficiency

Technical Details:

  • Pump power per hour at 50 Hz: of 400 l
  • Pump power per hour at 50 Hz: to 1000 l
  • Pumping head at 50 Hz approx. (H max): 1.4 m
  • Power at 50 Hz: of 15.00 watt
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 47 x 79 x 73mm
  • Hose Ø pressure side: 16mm
  • voltage 230 volt
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Standard power plug EUR
  • Freshwater yes
  • Sea water yes


Manual in multiple languages (DE, FR, EN)

Manual in multiple languages (ES, IT, PT, NL)

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