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Alphacool screw kit Cool Cover Copper

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Technical details
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Special mounting kit with concealed springs for alphacool coolers as well as coolers of external... more
Product Information

Special mounting kit with concealed springs for alphacool coolers as well as coolers of external manufacturers

The CoolCover mounting kit has two special features: Technically seen it simplifies the setting of the maximal uniform pressure of all four springs. Concerning the Design, the optically unhandsome springs disappear from the viewer´s eye, resulting so a harmonious general view in the midst of the water-cooler.

The highest possible contact pressure is reached by adjusting the casing length with the shortest, minimal spring deflection if the spring has completely disappeared in the casing. Thus a complete even pressure distribution is also guaranteed.

Due to their special length, the knurled nuts made of massive brass are easily operated by hand. Through a recessed lap joint at the lower end of the knurled nut, a clean and symmetrical connection can be obtained by shifting the casing and knurled nut - engagement snaps into place audibly.

The Coolcover is suitable for all alphacool CPU coolers and coolers of other manufacturers.
By the accompanying three different screw lengths, different heights can be fitted to the thread depth of the Coolcover - knurled nut adjustment - for each individual case the original connection material can also be suited with coolers from other manufacturers and so obtain the right combination. With the Coolcover high M4 thread depth of maximum 17mm - the knurled nut should allow every possible combination*

Practical and safe mounting plate: The mounting plate screws are secured against coincidental release by a high lock nut plus lock washer. As a result of the high design of the screw nut this can be tightened comfortably and firmly by simply using the fingers. The screw is fixed during the assembly of the screw nut by merely using the enclosed hexagonal pin spanner. Thus are void dangerous assemblies with screwdriver and pliers, which could damage the Main board when slipping.

*When using other feathers we urge you to consider: spring diameter, casing length/ inner diameter, spring length and minimum spring deflection.

Characteristics in the overview:

- Knurled nut and casing made of solid brass
- Even pressure distribution without technical aids
- Use of the shortest, minimal spring deflection
- Attractive Design by occlusion of springs
- Universally applicable

Technical data:
Knurled nut internal screw thread: M4, 17mm deep
Casing length: 11mm
Inner core diameter: 8mm
Spring length: 21,2mm
Screws and lengths: 4x M4x40, 45 and 50mm
Weight: 90 g
Dimensions knurled nut (DxH): 9x20mm

An Englisch mounting manual can be found here:

Scope of supply:
Blister Retail packaging,  Instructions and assembly screw set, plastic wearing parts, spring M4 hexagon nut high design, springs, brass knurled nuts and casing

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