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The following applies to orders shipped after the 1st of April 2008:

From the 1st April 2008 on all packaging materials received with our shipments can be disposed of the in ''DualeSystemDeutschland'' (''grüner Punkt''). This also applies to cartons and plastics not displaying the green spot ''grüner Punkt''. Aquatuning meets the requirements of the new regulation coming into order on the 1st of April 2008 in cooperation with the dualistic system of Germany (''DualeSystemDeutschland'') fulfilling the demand for full verification of the disposition of the used packaging materials.

The following applies to orders shipped before the 1st of April 2008:

According to the regulations by the packaging ordinance we are obliged to take back packaging used by us not being certified for area-wide disposal by for example the green spot ''grüner Punkt'' and to arrange for its recycling or disposal. For further clarification of the process of returning the packaging please contact us:

Contact under:
Telephone:(+49) (0)5205 99198-0
Telefax:(+49) (0)5205 99198-22

We will then name the next communal collection point or waste management enterprise to you allowing for return of the packaging materials at no charge. If not possible you will be given the possibility to ship the packaging to us for return.

Postal address:

Aquatuning GmbH
Beckheide 13
D-33689 Bielefeld

The packaging materials will either be reused by us or be disposed of according to the regulations of the packaging ordinance.

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