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ModMyToys 3-Pin Power Distribution PCB 4x 3Pin + 4x 2Pin Block

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  • MMT-PCB-3-4342
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Connection cable 3Pin male to 3Pin male with rpm signal
Connection cable 3Pin male to 3Pin male with rpm signal
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Technical details
Design: Adapters
Manufacturer: ModMyToys
Sleeving: without
1. Side: 3Pin Molex
2. Side: 3Pin Molex 4x, 2Pin 2x
ModMyToys 3-Pin Power Distribution PCB is the perfect organizational solution for hard core... more
Product Information

ModMyToys 3-Pin Power Distribution PCB is the perfect organizational solution for hard core modder's, water cooling enthusiasts and other power users that use a large amount of LED's in their systems or servers. Why use clumsy Y splitters that just add to cable clutter when you can have a clean point to distribute power to all your 3-pin fans and 2-pin LED's? These small PCB's are made of the highest quality and include and easy to install preinstalled black mount rail and Velcro strip. This allows you to mount virtually anywhere in your case including all those hidden places modder's like to route their cables to. For those that want the best look these have a black PCB and connectors. So, eliminate all those extra cables and install the ModMyToys 3-pin power distribution PCB to be a Pro!

**This PCB is meant to run off the PSU or motherboard 12V 3-pin power header and has a resistor on it to bring LED voltage to the usual 3.3V and distribute to 4 LED's.

High Quality PCB
Small, lightweight size fit almost anywhere!
3-Pin Male to 4 x 3-pin Male + 4 x 2-pin Male PCB.
Preinstalled Velcro fastener for easy installation

Please make sure you do not exceed your 3-pin fan headers maximum wattage by overloading more high wattage fans then the motherboard or fan controller can handle. Please consult your products manual. You could though plug these into a 4-pin to 3-pin adapter and plug direct to your PSU which can handle many more fans at once.
Please note that these are really mean to have 8 LED with the same resistance. If mixing LED colors then note that to keep the same load on the circuit that these are the colors that you can mix off the PCB.

Red, Amber
Blue, White, Green, Purple

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